Lack of confidence, reluctance to try new things, problems forming and maintaining relationships, inability to assert oneself, co-dependency, drug and alcohol problems, feelings of rejection, feelings of inferiority or not being good enough, feeling misunderstood. The source of these feelings and problems can vary widely. Sometimes we can point to a specific event that triggered things, other times we feel as though these negative influences have been with our whole lives.

Counselling can help

Whatever the source, counselling can help. Many of us have never spoken unreservedly about how we really feel. Maybe we feel we would be too harshly judged or simply regarded as stupid, childish or selfish. We may even believe that we deserve to judged in this manner.

Keeping it all to ourselves and trying to hide it from the rest of the world usually makes it worse. Isolation can often result from feelings of inadequacy. When we isolate from others the negative self-belief is left unchallenged and can run riot through our thoughts and beliefs. Counselling helps us to challenge these negative forces within us and help develop positive attitudes and beliefs to counter them.

Depressed man hunched in chair, facing away and staring at the floor